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Tracy Moore Launches New Clothing Line

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Whip out those credit cards ladies, Cityline’s Tracy Moore now has her own clothing line!
The media personality’s fashion game is always on point. Her regular instagram posts featuring her outfits from clothing sponsor “Freda’s” garner hundreds of likes.
And now they’ve taken their partnership one step further. Tracy Moore Designed by Freda’s is the name of the new line. As Moore explained in an instagram post, it will be available exclusively on The Shopping Channel April 10th.
The brand will be available in sizes 2 to 20, and have a range of different styles for the “laid back chill mama, hard-working mover and shaker, the line-up-the-shots party-girl, or all of the above”.  Now women across Canada can feel inspired to seize the day in style thanks to Tracy Moore and Freda’s.

Guess the question I get tweeted, emailed, Facebooked, and IG'd the most? How did you get those arms…and where did you get that outfit? Based on a partnership that grew organically over 7 years, Freda's and myself have catapulted our relationship to the next level. Enter: Tracy Moore Designed by Freda's. It is a MADE IN CANADA solution to your date night, yummy mommy play date, work life, weekend flow and night out with the girls. TM Designed by Freda's works if you're a size 20 or a 2, if you're a laid back chill mama, hard-working mover and shaker, line-up-the-shots party-girl OR all of the above. Don't let anyone put your style in a box. Trademark (TM) your style. Available exclusively @TheShoppingChannel April 10th! Sidebar: Goosebumps seeing my name on clothing labels. #tmXfredas Watch for our #makeoverformom contest on @Citylineca today. You could win a makeover that includes clothes from my line!

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EditorTracy Moore Launches New Clothing Line

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