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FEATURE: Pineapple Dreaming w/ Adria Kain

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Adria Kain is a survivor in every sense of the word. After a rough couple of years living in her own shadow and sleeping on couches she has finally garnered the confidence to share her story of triumph through her music. Her new E.P Reverse Psychology showcases Adria’s newly developed and beautifully refined sound which allows listeners to get to know her on a personal level. She spent some time recently with our Giovanna Okereke.


G.O: What is Reverse Psychology is all about?

AK: It’s basically just like… the meaning of “reverse psychology” …nothing is what it seems right? So it started off where it was just simple production, and I was like I want the production to start off one way and then kind of flip into something else, that’s unexpected. And then I was like maybe I can tap into that being the entire concept of the project. I’m a very metaphorical person, I like to put things down and let people come up with their own meaning behind it and see where everyone’s mind takes it.

G.O: You open the record with the words “Pineapple Dreams”, what is the meaning behind this phrase? 

AK:  It started because I have an undercut underneath my hair. The bottom is shaved and the top half is where most of my hair is. It kind of reminded me of a pineapple and a lot of people will call me that sometimes as a joke. So I kind of ran with that and started there and then afterwards I was like it kind of has a bigger meaning to me because I’ve dealt with a lot in my life and I actually feel like I’m starting to get to a place now where things are starting to look better and kind of go my way. So I thought of it as in a pineapple and like the pineapple is rough on the outside. In order for you to get to the sweet part you have to kind of cut through and break off you know all the rough parts and edges in order to get to the sweet and the perfect part of the pineapple. So I just kind of connected it to my life and moving towards a dream of accomplishing my goal. And just living comfortably and I just felt it worked perfectly.

G.O:  What would you say is your favourite track on Reverse Psychology?

AK: Definitely I think “Dawn”, the last track on the project, because that song took the most work. It took me 3 months to write the first part of the song. Because I was tapping into my inner demons and I was trying to really bring out the way that I felt. So anyway it was really…a different experience. I have never experienced anything like that when it came to writing and recording music so that’s the one I like the most.

G.O: You worked with some new producers this time around. What made you decide to collaborate with Monte Booker of Soulection specifically? 

AK: Well I have been a fan of Soulection for years. Even before anyone knew who they were. But I’m like literally on Soundcloud everyday, and I’m always on their page for the most part, and I came across Monte because they put out this three song compilation every week I believe, and they feature a certain producer in the compilation. And I remember, hearing the Kainthem beat for the first time and something about it just kind of clicked to me automatically and I was like I need this in my life. I don’t know why, but I feel like this is going to be important to me in the future.

Then there was one day where I kind of sat down and was going through some instrumentals and I was writing. I was really frustrated and that beat opened up, and I literally off the top of my head I just started writing down things that were bothering me. Like just not being successful and trying to become something and feeling like I don’t really have enough support or nobody believes that I can get there. And I’m not working right now, and it’s just I don’t want to work a regular job I rather just pursue music but it’s difficult because I’m broke and I need to pay for certain things and my priorities come into play. So, everything came out right on the plate and then when I was done I was like yo this is amazing. So I messaged him, not thinking that he would respond at all but I was like I’m going to reach out to him and see if maybe he could let me use the beat. And he literally responded right away he was like yep this is amazing like I loved it, you can definitely use it and I would love to work with you in the future and just basically everything happened from there.

G.O: As you mentioned you’ve been through a lot so what challenges did you really face in the making of this album?

AK: With any project I guess it will be difficult and especially as an artist when you have to deal with life outside of music. So life in general was definitely a big distraction. But I kind of had to really tap into my inner feelings and allow myself to be free and be vulnerable for a moment when working on this project. At times it was difficult because of certain things I was going through. I wasn’t sure if it was ok for me to share certain information, but eventually I just came to a place where I was like it’s whatever, I’m just going to be myself and just let out what I can, and I simplified it down to 3 songs because I wanted it to be a less is more type of thing. The less I say the more you feel what I went through, what I’m going through or what topic I’m speaking on, you know what I mean? So and it also gives people the opportunity to really take in the lyrics and what’s going on in the music without it being too much to take in at once.

G.O: How does one overcome the fear that comes along with pursuing their passion? 

AK: It took me a lot, I still have a lot of fears when it comes to thinking about pursuing my passion that I feel like I’m going to fail like almost everyday. But I think you just have to just remain humble and remember where you came from. As long as you hold onto that I feel you should be fine. Like really there is nothing that you have to worry about. So yeah, I would say, if anything ,in order to overcome it just remember where you came from and keep your head strong and always stay in a good place and take care of yourself before anybody else because that also becomes a major problem in this industry, if you put other people first and forget about your priorities and yourself and anything you have to do for yourself so yeah.

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EditorFEATURE: Pineapple Dreaming w/ Adria Kain

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